Multi Depot System: A Flexible & Efficient Solution for Warehouse Management

Synchronized supply & demand ensuring seamless operations of wholesale Business for a leading food retail company in UK.

UK’s Leading Food Retail, Wholesale and Distribution Company.
Warehouse, Logistics and Retail


The client is one of the leading food retail, wholesale and distribution company. Currently headquartered in West Midlands, it started its operations in 1917 as a counter-service grocery store, has built 8,000 strong workforce spread over 300 different locations. With turnover of around £1 billion and it is the largest SPAR distribution centre in the UK, owning 280 SPAR stores and serving 1,000 in total across England and Wales.


The client witnessed managing large quantity of items and high volume of inventory across its 1300+ convenience stores in the UK and Wales through its proprietary Warehouse Management System – “Multi-Depot System”. The home-grown system was responsible for seamless functioning of warehouse operations including inventory management, assembly management, quality and compliance, storage of goods and timely dispatch of orders. The client required a robust and efficient solution to manage their ever-growing warehouse operations along with integration with third party systems in finance, point-of-sale and retail departments.


The leader in the wholesale industry desired an integrated system to synchronize supply and demand managing products and end-customers along with smooth functioning of the wholesale business cycle including planning, order management, inventory management, distribution and payment transaction.

The warehouse management system was an independent system functioning in silo. Thus, information gathering across the organization, while validating from other systems, was time consuming and at the same time lacked accuracy. The system needed immediate integration with other applications such as invoice, product/services and delivery management; making it flexible and accurate with firmed up data. transaction.

A solutions partner with strong expertise and experience in end-to-end application development and support was desired; in line with industry’s best practices and tools to cater to Demand Supply Integration (DSI) resulting in improved organization’s performance.


JK Techosoft, as the client’s solutions partner played a pivotal role in technological evolution and advancement for their warehouse management system while integrating the Multi- Depot System with other third-party applications such as:

  • Application for invoices and statements to be delivered instantly and on-line, on-demand access for end customers.
  • Application for electronic Proof of Delivery (ePOD) system for managing deliveries and collections an enable customer delight while facilitating accurate and timely delivery.
  • Application for product and prices.
  • Claim Management System with electronic proof of delivery system.
  • Application for end-to-end retail IT Solution.

The Benefits

  • The integration of multi-depot systems with the third-party systems and applications resulted in 30-40% of cost reduction.
  • The updates made in the application enhanced the performance up to 50-60%.
  • Reduced effort on rework and efficient system applications resulted in time savings of up to approx. 50% and increased efficacy of the system by 40%.
  • Legacy data of approx. 2.5 TB was archived and was classified year wise for 10 years resulting in faster and easy access of data.
  • The solution integrated with the third-party systems and applications resulted in stock control, optimized warehouse space, order accuracy and many more that an organization struggled in day-to-day operation in warehouse.
  • Increased customer delight for the client’s end-customers was achieved through improved inventory accuracy, improved flexibility and responsiveness of the application.

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