Lead Generation for Business Products and Services

From professional services providers to specialized products, we attract, engage and convert new customers through our personalized sales outreach.

Changes in client demands, employee expectations, technology developments, and other outside factors radically transform the Business Products and Services landscape, which calls for services providers to find a business partner that could help them cope with the challenges.

Cientific Group helps the Business Products and Services industry remain competitive and achieve maximum growth by finding new customers through proven B2B lead generation and appointment setting process.


Target, reach and prioritize your ideal customers

Focus your lead generation efforts on the companies and contacts that matter.


Move prospects closer to conversion through nurturing

Create relevant conversations with every prospect and engage them across their preferred channels.


Drive your revenue with ready-to-buy prospects

Fill your sales calendar with meetings, presentations/demos, and meaningful follow-ups and start closing more deals.

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Engage with C-Suite BPS Decision Makers

Leverage our talented team, proven account-based marketing approach and propriety Pipeline CRM to find, reach and convert prospects across a range of target industries.

We provide you a list of target companies from a range of industries:

   IT and Software


   Management Consulting




   Manufacturing & Distribution

   Banking and Finance

   Food and Beverage

We connect you with relevant decision makers and influencers:



   Managing Directors

   IT Managers / IT Directors

   Finance Managers


   Relevant contacts

More than a decade of generating high-quality business leads

We generate sales leads and set appointments for Business Products and Services providers including:

   Document Processing

   Audit, Tax, and Consulting

   Back Office Support

   Risk Management

   Office Supplies and Equipment

   Professional Information Solutions

   Packaging and Labeling


   Logistics and Transportation


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